Leslie Sansone: Belly Blasting Walk Review

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This is the first Leslie Sansone DVD for 2013 and is another in her series of walking fitness videos, This fast, two mile cardio workout is much more high intensity and high impact than her previous ones so will give you a bit more of a challenge.

If you have never heard of Leslie Sansone before you should check her out especially if you are new to working out maybe not this DVD but one of her earlier ones use our search box at the top of the page to find all her DVDs

Mile One

As always Leslie introduces her four main steps, which consists of the walk (marches), side steps, knee ups, and kicks. However, she also incorporates a number of other  variations such as knee lifts with twists to the thigh, shuffles with punches across, larger squats with twists, and jogs forward and back with twists. Leslie concentrates on many rotational moves here with the particular intention of targeting the core. Even though this mile is relatively intense overall it is built up gradually so isn’t an intense Workout from start to finish.


Mile Two

The second mile starts of at the same fast speed where we left off at the end of mile one Leslie Sansone  adds even more new moves here, including side-facing shuffles with a punch, jumping rope and hops, and small plyometric jumps.She then slows down towards the end for a short cool down session


 Floor Session 1

This ten minute section focuses on flexibility. here she integrates traditional exercise such as curl-ups and bridgework and then mixes them with some Pilates type moves.

Floor Session 2

Leslie mentions that this section will concentrate more on extension. This is a contimously flowing section that lasts about ten minutes and is pretty intense.


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Your mid-section is the core of your body and when it’s out of shape it can affect your back, posture, comfort and confidence. So Leslie created this Belly Blasting Walk with everything you need to whittle your waistline, flatten your belly and strengthen your whole core.

The program starts with a ”2 FAST Mile” cardio walk that’s infused with special belly flattening moves like core rotations, standing curls and more. Next you’ll move to the floor for a series of exercises that are rated among the best to engage the full core including the abs, waist, back and even the glutes. Choosing the right exercises here allows you to do less…and get MORE results!

This program gives you the total package:
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Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Great, Higher Intensity Workout”

“fast 2…Read more

“Great DVD for Just About Anyone!”

I purchased this DVD at my local Target and was actually looking for another one of her workout programs. I came across this one and had seen it online but it was not being sold yet. So, when I saw it on the shelf, I immediately grabbed it! After I got…Read more

“This DVD will help me continue with my weight/inches loss!”

I have 2 other DVDs by Leslie: ‘Walk Away the Pounds’ and ‘Burn Body Fat’. I turned to Leslie’s DVDs about 7 weeks ago when I decided that it was too cold to drive to the gym. I thought working out at home would be easier than having to warm up my car,…Read more


If you have tried any of Leslie Sansone’s previous DVD’s you will know what to expect this is a little more challenging and the DVD might attract a younger crowd as she does have a reputation for attracting an older fan base and there is nothing wrong with that! Anyway whatever your age keeping moving and active is how you live to a long old age and Leslie Sansone’s Belly Blasting Walk is a great way to walk yourself fit.