Leslie Sansone Walk It Off in 30 Days Review

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Another great Walking video from Leslie Sansone, Walk it off in 30 days is a combined fat loss and firming and toning program that will get you starting to look great in just a month.

All you need to do is workout for 30 minutes a day six days a week to get results.

The week is split into two different workouts

BURN 30: On Monday. Wednesday & Friday you will perform thirty minutes of non stop cardio, You start off with some warm up walking to get yourself into the swing of things and gear up for the fat burning speed part of the workout, these Leslie Sansone workouts are always fun so before you know it you will have completed the hard part and be finishing the workout with the cool down walk and a bit of stretching.

FIRM 30: On Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday its 30 minutes toning and firming strength training. Using dumbbells you will work your whole body developing more lean muscle at the same time as burning calories.

What we liked about Walk it Off in 30 Days

Leslie Sansone has a big fan base who buy every walking workout DVD she releases and love the way she motivates you to burn the calories. Others find her DVD’s  a little repetitive so this one is something a bit different as it adds the strength training session into the mix giving a fresh slant to Leslie’s normal style of workout.

As usual this is a safe workout that would suit beginners and those of intermediate fitness, Also a great introduction to strength training to Leslie’s more cardio orientated customers.

What we Didn’t like about Walk it Off in 30 Days

The only real issue we had was that the music was a bit rubbish!! You can always put on you I pod and listen to your own music.

Customer Reviews

Like us most of the users who purchases this DVD liked the addition of the dumbbell workout to the workouts and were pleased that she was doing something a bit different but still keeping the core idea of the walking workout session intact. The only real negative comments seem to be about the music

Here are what some typical reviewers are saying…

“One of my favorite workouts by Leslie and I have several of them. I am seeing results in only 2 weeks using this workout”…read more

“love Leslie Sansone’s walking program. I finally tried this new workout today and love it! There are new moves in this video as compared to the other two videos I have (Walk off even more weight and start walking at home). I also like the addition of strength training”..read more

Leslie Sansone Walk It Off in 30 Days Video

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